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Computer Repair

The time that it will take to repair your computer depends on a number of variables, how many systems are currently waiting for service, diagnosis time, and the repair time.  Our technicians will always do their best to handle your service request as soon as possible.

In general, it takes three to five days to evaluate your system plus repair time. Our staff will make every effort to keep you updated on the progress of your system and will not make repairs above and beyond your initial authorization without your approval.

Computer Checkup  -   $49.00
Diagnose the cause of your computer's symptoms. Base level scanning for viruses and spyware. Updating of virus protection and operating system. Cleaning of desktop case interior and exterior.  Any additional services needed will be added to this fee.

Virus Removal  -  Add $30.00
Everyone is struggling to stay ahead of faster more damaging security threats. Malware, rogue spyware and other threats are slowing down computers and even making them inoperable. This service includes deep scanning to remove rootkits, rogue virus programs, spyware, trojans and various forms of malware. Due to the severity of many viruses we can not guarantee that programs and/or data will not be damaged or lost in the process. Additional labor may be charged for extensive virus removal.

Rush Service - Add $30.00
Your service request will be the next item evaluated. This fee will not affect the time it takes to diagnose and/or repair your issue. It will only move you to the head of the line.

Re-installation of Operating System
Includes installation of the operating system (Computer must have a valid product key.) We will complete all operating system service packs and updates. Installation of hardware drivers. Installation of Java, Adobe Reader, and Adobe Flash. Installation of virus protection and updates. We will move data as requested.

  • With Customer's Restore disks:
    • Up to 4GB of data moved-   $  99.00
    • Over 4GB of data moved-    $129.00
  • Without Customer Restore disks:
    • Up to 4GB of data moved-   $129.00
    • Over 4GB of data moved-    $159.00

Desktop Component Replacement or Addition  - $23.00 Plus part cost

Service Calls - $49.00/Hour
If you would prefer, Your Digital Partner, LLC will make service calls to your home or business. For extensive computer service it may be necessary to bring your system back to our Computer Service Center.

Need something else?
Additional services are available. Please contact us for more information about anything else you may require.